Bomen Women & The Fellowship of the Cloth

Bomen Women & The Fellowship of the Cloth
Cloth connections open face to face fellowship at Bondeko Mennonite Church in Kinshasa (May 2012) -- photo by Nancy Myers

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cloth Delegation to Kinshasa April 30-May 16

Nancy Myers, June Mears Driedger and Nina Lanctot are so grateful to have been invited for a church to church visit by the Bondeko Mennonite Congregation in Kinshasa, DR Congo. As part of Congo Cloth Connection we will stay in homes, spend time with friends who visited with us here in the US, and visit the BOMEN Sewing Group. We are grateful for Christine Nofsinger and Suzanne Lind who have helped us prepare. My granddaughter's friend, Curious, will be a travel companion! You can follow our adventures on Facebook at Congo Cloth Connection as well as here at Thanks to all of you who have helped us make this trip -- April 30 through May 16 -- a reality.

It all began here, with Christine Nofsinger going to Congo for Rose Lind's graduation. I will refresh this story of this project in the coming days.


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