Bomen Women & The Fellowship of the Cloth

Bomen Women & The Fellowship of the Cloth
Cloth connections open face to face fellowship at Bondeko Mennonite Church in Kinshasa (May 2012) -- photo by Nancy Myers

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Beauty of Women Theologians -- and connections

“The body of Christ is a unique organization in all the world. We do not have the power of weapons of destruction, but we have the power of healing and hope. And I feel and know that power when I am with you all here today.

In the light of the first day in Kinshasa, Suzanne Lind took Nancy Myers and I to a gathering of women theologians at the Christian University of Kinshasa. (Our fellow pilgrim, June, stayed and rested in the Lind apartment, not feeling well.)

I have heard that it is common to be called upon the “give a word” in such gatherings. The quote above was what the Spirit brought to me. Reviewing my visits with some of these women at Mennonite World Conference gatherings, and bearing witness to the strength of their testimony to us there, felt like a way of completing a circle –
circulation in the body of Christ.

They provided a wonderful Congolese feast for us, presented us with flowers, and shared some of their hopes and questions. It was powerful to be in the classroom where theology is taught and imagine these women making the many sacrifices they do to serve the church.

I promised to bear the gift of their power – song, ululating, honoring of one another and us, sharing their successes and struggles – in my heart to you.

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