Bomen Women & The Fellowship of the Cloth

Bomen Women & The Fellowship of the Cloth
Cloth connections open face to face fellowship at Bondeko Mennonite Church in Kinshasa (May 2012) -- photo by Nancy Myers

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We promised to keep sharing how the connections and ideas and relationships and prayers keep unfolding from Congo Cloth Connections. I am ready to "get back into the blogger seat!" Keep sending us photos and stories at Nina


I brought 4 yards of this summery watermelon-looking cloth home from the Mennonite convention in Pittsburgh and turned it into a tablecloth. I added a strip of the same material to each side to make it wide enough for my table.


I have attached a photo taken at The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University in Bluffton, Ohio to include in your blog for the Congo Cloth Connection.

I recently presented a program called "Global Connections" with interactive activities for local children in grades 1-6. Five international students who attend Bluffton University from Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria shared about their country and culture. As a finale, participants dressed in international fashions for a group photo.

The fabric was purchased through CCC at the Mennonite Convention in Pittsburgh, PA and five of the skirts with matching head scarves shown in the photo were custom designed and sewn by Marie-Jeanne Mujinga while at convention.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Shelly for her generous donation to The Lion and Lamb for me to purchase CCC fabric and to Marie-Jeanne for her willingness to design and sew outfits for my programming with children. This provided a wonderful opportunity for "building bridges" at the Pittsburgh convention and beyond. I look forward to sharing these outfits with children at future global connection events at The Lion and Lamb.

Blessings~Louise Matthews

The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center
Bluffton University

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